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Why "Jasra"? I have used Jasra since the early '90s (shush about my age) on IRC. I found it while I was reading Roger Zelazny's Amber Chronicles and I liked the sound of the name. Plus it was apparently ambiguous enough that I didn't get hit on by every guy on IRC.

Who Jasra is: "The Queen of Kashfa. Jasra was born in shadow near the Courts of Chaos. She was a servant, later a maid companion to Lady Dara. After the death of her husband Prince Brand, Jasra moved to Kashfa, where established herself as the Queen. Later she moved to the Keep of Four Worlds and lost the throne of Kashfa."

"She had on a low over-one-shoulder (the left) white dress, fastened at the shoulder with a diamond pin, and she wore a tiara, also of diamonds, which seemed almost to be radiating in the infrared range amidst her bright hair. She was smiling, and she smelled good, too. Involuntarily I felt myself standing straighter, and I glanced at my fingernails to be certain there were clean." (from "Knight of Shadow")

"Well, she snared herself an amberite—the prince called Brand," he said. "Rumor had it they met over some magical operation and it was love at first blood. She wanted to keep him, and I've heard it said they actually were married in a secret ceremony. But he wasn't interested in the throne of Kashfa, though he was the only one she might have been willing to see on it." (from "Blood of Amber")