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I fixed you up. :-)

cool, Lisa! Aren't those things harder to do than you thought? Or, at least that's what I found...like, I could get on a roll, and then completely go blank...and then a roll, and then blank....lol.

Thanks for posting, it's always fun to learn more about people that you read about!

Oh, man, you saw The Who live? I only saw a lame-o live video concert of them in 1983. But I did see Dylan live, and Talking Heads and J.Geils and Go-Go's...and (best of all) The Ramones, opening for Cheap Trick. *sigh* I haven't seen a live concert since 1985...

Solonor: I think the only other concert I saw back then was Joe Jackson (Oct '82 - nope, I didn't remember that, I googled). We walked a couple of miles to Lehigh campus to see him. I've been to a few more concerts then. Most notably, Tori Amos, Santana and Dream Theater.

Jen: Yes! I'd always think of things in totally inappropriate places (shower, driving, falling asleep).

lisa, nice work on the 100-things... i know they're difficult to do. i started one a few months back, got to number 7 and thought to myself, "this couldn't suck any worse".

and it's still at #7. i did do an 'about' page with essentially the exact same type of info on it, but somehow having that criteria of doing 100 things paralyzed me.

then again, i have trouble with telling my left from my right, so whaddaya expect?

in any case, nice job! i feel i 'know' you a little more than just from your blog posts now!


Great list... nice to know there are other people out there who love vi. :)

#98 -- Very sweet!

EMAIL: fsdf@gh.com
URL: http://dasd
DATE: 04/29/2003 06:32:16 AM

Your cats love you for taking shots.

Very nice! I am a cat lover myself! and I love to read! Good Job!

enjoyed the read - thanks!


Hey, Nice read and cool site!! Good to see other unix fans!!

Found you through lisa net! I too saw the Who live, in 82'. We must've seen the same tour! I saw them at the L.A Collisiem. ps: my blog isnt much right now but I'm getting things together on there and re-doing some stuff.

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