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I was gonna say it would be fun if you came to Seattle, I could meet you. Some other time then. :)

I swear he's either on crack or *trying* to be exclusionistic by having it in Seattle.

Besides the additional costs involved, there's ZERO way I'm going to waste a day flying each way to get there.

For shame Chris! If you held the show in Vegas, you'd have a cast of thousands...

I'm not anti-Seattle by any means. I'm just against spending $1100 for a weekend. :)

I'm not anti-Seattle (my main squeeze lives there) but $350 for the ticket, plus lodging and what-not? I ain't got that kinda green, baby.

That is really steep. Unless I win the lottery, you can count me out of this being my first Gnomedex (I might even have to buy a lottery ticket sometime, just to have a chance!)

I was really considering going, but now it's not as likely. While $350 for a 2-day conference including food is relatively cheap, I don't know that I have the cashola to afford 1) travel 2) lodging 3) actual conference cost 4) misc costs.

Which is unfortunate. I really wanted to go.

It was a difficult decision to make... but we couldn't get our hats handed to us for the fifth year in a row. Even if I cut it down to just pure COST, it'd likely still be too high for some people.

Chris - I'm definitely not against you making money nor against you having Gnomedex in your backyard. And you are offering a lot for the $350! My complaint goes more to the cost of flights and hotels. All together it means a lot of money.

I'm with Lisa Chris - I definitely want you to make money while providing the wonderful experience that Gnomedex represents. And we both do want to go.

The problem lies in spending $1000 for a 3-day weekend that cannot be expensed to work. Through no fault of your planning or pricing, it is relatively expensive when taking in the big picture cost.

And that sucks, because I really want to go :(

Okay, how low could you go on a flight / hotel? I'm asking, because I've learned a few tricks with Priceline...

You know, if you guys have Priceline tricks to share, I've got family and friends in the Seattle area. I'm sure I can swing a room! The flight is the kicker for me.

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