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So how did you like the Christmas Special (I'm assuming you mean the Titanic one). I enjoyed it but there were a few disappointments (but I can't word them in a way without giving spoilers).

I like Kylie, but she reminded me too much of Rose.

The Titanic one? I'm confused. I saw The Christmas Invasion.

Maybe I'll watch more tomorrow! :D

Ah! That's the Christmas special from two years ago. It took place between seasons 1 and 2 (of the new 2005) Dr. Who. Did you get a DVD set for the holidays.

The Titanic Christmas special was from this year, 4 days ago. The last two specials they've had guest 'companions' with him.

The one you watched is probably my favorite holiday one, especially the the whole sequence around "doesn't she look a little tired?"

But there's always something I like extra about the Christmas specials. Maybe it's because they run a little longer and the episode has enough time to run. Or maybe it's my anticipation for a Dr. Who fix...

Oh! The other cool thing about that episode that makes it a favorite is it creates an odd "artifact" that sits out on display on the Torchwood TV Series (Dr. Who spinoff).

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